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Project Description
Texticize is an extensible and intuitive object-to-text template engine for .NET.

Texticize is really easy to use. Simply create a template with place-holders, create one or more maps that specify how each placeholder should be rendered, set one or more variables, and call the Process method. Consider the following simple example:

var reader = TemplateReaderFactory.CreateStringTemplateReader("{MyDate!Today} is a gift, that's why it's called Present.");

string result = TemplateProcessorFactory
        "MyDate!Today".MapTo<DateTime>(s => s.Variable.ToShortDateString())


Texticize is a complete template engine with a lot of features. Following is a short list of such features:
  • Fluid interface
  • Lambda expressions, anonymous methods, or regular methods specify replacements
  • Support for conditionals
  • Support for loops
  • Support for multiple variables
  • Default vocabulary can easily be overridden; developers can define their own vocabulary
  • Support for Include files
  • Support for Macros
  • Completely extensible design

Checkout Documentation for more info and examples.

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